“Ascending to the Worms” Out Now!

Euphoric Defilement “Ascending to the Worms” available today, February 19th.

Euphoric Defilement - Ascending to the WormsLos Angeles based Brutal Death Metal band Euphoric Defilement release their long awaited debut full length album “Ascending to the Worms”. For fans of Disgorge, Severed Savior, and Decrepit Birth, this album will prove to you that Euphoric Defilement will become the next installment to an elite list of ultimate brutality. With inconceivable speed and accuracy, crushing riffs, and an overall sound to make any sane person lose their mind, “Ascending to the Worms” is a must have release by Unique Leader Records. You can expect the same mind blowing intensity Euphoric Defilement is known for, along with technicalities and surprises to shed a whole new light on what this band will become.

Pick up Euphoric Defilement “Ascending to the Worms in the Itunes store:


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